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Highland Roots - Family History from the Heart of the Scottish Highlands

The Clans in the Highlands

Information about Highland Clans, and contact details for many of them, can be found on the website of the Association of Highland Clans and Societies [www.highlandclans.org]. 

Any clan map is bound to be misleading because lands changed hands in the course of Highland history - so MacKenzies expelled MacLeods from Lewis, Camerons took over MacMillan lands in Lochaber, and Campbells displaced MacDonalds on Islay and elsewhere in Argyll.  We hope in due course to produce a series of separate maps showing the chronological succession of clans and their lands; but the map below is a composite effort. Please see the Clan Contacts Page of the Genealogy Section of this website for links to most of these clans.

The base map used here is taken from www.itraveluk.co.uk/maps/scotland.html