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Highland Roots - Family History from the Heart of the Scottish Highlands

Cabarfeidh's Cousins: Essays in Clan MacKenzie History & Genealogy
by Graeme M. Mackenzie (Inverness, 2015).


 The Role of the Clan Seanchaidh

  The Origins of Clan MacKenzie

  Clan MacKenzieís Russian Connection:
 Parts One & Two.

  Discovery of MacKenzie-Douglas Tomb.

  Researching MacKenzie Ancestors: Part One.

  Researching MacKenzie Ancestors: Part Two.

  Sources for MacKenzie History & Genealogy.

  Too Many MacKenzie Generals.

  An Old Seaforth and His Soldier Sons.

  Distilling the Real MacKenzie.

  Mackenzies, Murchisons, and a Jacobite Hero.

  Recorded Spellings of the Name Míkenzie.

Cabarfeidh's Cousins is available in the UK and online from the Clan Mackenzie Society of Scotland &UK
- see www.clanmackenziesociety.co.uk

It's available in North America from Highland Roots USA - see here for contact details.