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Highland Roots - Family History from the Heart of the Scottish Highlands

Graeme Mackenzie’s speaking engagements in New Zealand and Australia in 2014:

1 Feb: Waipu:                      Public talk on “Highland Ancestors and Emigrants”.  

2 Feb: Auckland:                 Clan MacMillan – Private talk on the clan and its history.

4 Feb: Orewa:                       Public talk to Hibiscus Coast Branch of New Zealand Society of Genealogists 
                                                [NZSG] on “Family History Research in the Highlands of Scotland”.
                                                Please click here to see review of of this talk in the branch newsletter.

5 Feb: Auckland:                 Clan MacKenzie – Private talk on the work of a Clan Seanachaidh.

8 Feb: Wellington:               Public talk to Wellington Branch of NZSG on “Clans, Septs, and Surnames in 
                                                the Highlands of Scotland”.

13 Feb: Waikanae:                Public talk to Kapiti Branch of NZSG on “Family History Research in the 
                                                Highlands of Scotland”.

19 Feb: Invercargill:            Clan MacKenzie – Private talk on clan in 21st century and Seanachaidh’s work.
                                               followed by
                                               Public talk to Southland Branch of NZSG on “Clans, Septs and Surnames in the  
                                               Highlands of Scotland”.

21 Feb: Dunedin:                 Public talk to Dunedin Family History Group on “Family History Research in 
                                               the Highlands of Scotland”.

27 Feb: Moe, Gippsland:   Clan MacMillan – Private talk on the clan and its history.

1 Mar: Melbourne:              AM: Two part talk to Scottish Ancestry Group of the Genealogical Society of 
                                               Victoria: “Genealogy in the Highlands of Scotland: Part 1, Understanding Clans, 
                                                Septs & Surnames. Part 2, Researching Your Highland Ancestors.”
                                               PM: Repeat performance of same two part talk.