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Highland Roots has been offering personal family history research from the beautiful city of Inverness, the capital of the Scottish Highlands, for over twenty five years. In that time its founder, historian and genealogist Graeme Mackenzie, has acquired an unrivalled understanding of Highland genealogy.

Graeme's work as a clan historian and organiser of gatherings - for MacKenzies and MacMillans in particular - has also given him a unique insight into the Highland Clans, past and present, which he  is frequently asked to lecture about around the world.  He's also taken the lead in recent years in the creation of the Association of Highland Clans and Societies [AHCS] which he chairs. 

You can access some of the knowledge Graeme has acquired over the years on this website, and much more can be found in his book Genealogy in the Gaidhealtachd: Clan & Family History in the Highlands of Scotland (click the title for details and reviews). See also Highland Clan and Family Histories. 

Our Genealogy Society is always searching for programs that are different from what has been offered for the past few years. We found Graeme Mackenzie and were fortunate to have him available for our Fall 2017 Seminar. His lecture drew people from outside our group, as we have many of Scottish descent in our area and they were delighted to be able to learn from and talk with a true Scotsman. Compliments on his presentation were abundant. Marianne Bradley, Program Chair, Suncoast Genealogy Society, Florida.

Sep 2 - 12: On tour with HRAT for Clan MacMillan in Lorn, Knapdale and Kintyre. 

Oct. 19: Seminars at Stone Mt. Highland Games, Atlanta, GA.

... AND IN 2019:
Feb-Mar: Lecture Tour in
New Zealand and Australia.
Dates &  places to be announced. 
NZ & Australia Tour 2014.

Highland Roots Research, 7 Windsor Court, Nairn, IV12 4HS, Scotland. Tel: +44 (0)790-176-4329.